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  • Will this work just like my regular Power & Shine spray?

    The Power & Shine in our ecorefill is the same as in our spray, just super concentrated, and once diluted will work the same too. 

  • It's so small, will it work as well as my regular Power & Shine spray?

    It may be small but it's also powerful. And, once diluted, it'll clean just as beautifully.

  • Why should I buy this product instead of my regular spray?

    You'll save money - it's cheaper than buying a spray bottle and, yet, it cleans just as beautifully. You'll save on plastic - using 75% less every time you reuse your spray bottle. And, because it's smaller, not only is it lighter to carry when shopping, you'll have more storage space at home.

  • Where can I use this product?

    Just like your current sprays, you can use it in your kitchen and bathroom. Please check the information on pack for surfaces it is not suitable on. 

  • Can I dilute in less water to make the product stronger?

    No, you'll get the best cleaning results by following the instructions and diluting up to the water mark on the spray bottle. You'll also avoid damaging any surfaces.

  • Does it still work with hard or filtered water?

    Yes, Cif ecorefill works with all water types, providing the water is clean.

  • What happens if I add more water?

    For best results, we recommend following the instructions on pack and filling with water to the mark indicated.

  • What does 10x concentrated mean?

    That it contains ten times more cleaning ingredients per ml, compared to Power & Shine in a spray bottle. 

  • Cif ecorefill is 10x concentrated, does this mean it is easier to clean?

    No, when diluted, Cif ecorefill provides the same beautiful cleaning performance as Power & Shine sprays.

  • As it's 10x concentrated, can I use less of it?

    No, once diluted, you should use it just like your usual Power & Shine spray.

  • If I add it to a non-empty spray, will it be stronger against dirt?

    No, only add it into an empty Power & Shine spray bottle. Follow the instructions by diluting up to the water mark on the bottle. That way you'll get beautiful cleaning results without damaging surfaces.

  • If it's 10x concentrated will it damage my surfaces?

    No, as long as you don't use it neat. Simply follow the instructions by diluting up to the water mark on the spray bottle and you won't damage surfaces.

  • Are Power & Shine spray bottles basically just filled with water?

    No. Our sprays contain active cleaning ingredients. The addition of water is key to dilute the product so its safe to use on surfaces, while ensuring it can be used in an easily sprayable format. By diluting the product at home, it means the bottle uses 75% less plastic and 87% less delivery trucks, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions too. 

  • How does it work?

    To reuse your Power & Shine Spray Bottle follow these instructions.

    For empty Power & Shine spray bottles with transparent windows and instructions on the side: 

    1. Remove the spray head and fill with water up to the line on pack (630 ml).

    2. Attach the ecorefill to the bottle neck and screw clockwise until it clicks. Shake slightly. 

    3. Once the ecorefill is empty, remove and replace the spray head. Use as normal.

    For empty Power & Shine spray bottles without transparent windows: 

    1. Remove the spray head, attach the ecorefill to the bottle neck and screw clockwise until it clicks. Shake slightly. 

    2. Remove the ecorefill and fill slowly with water up to the base of the neck of the bottle (630 ml).

    3. Put the spray head and use as normal. 

  • Do I need to buy a Power & Shine spray bottle as well?

    ecorefill has been designed to be used with an empty Power & Shine spray bottle. If you don't currently have one then we suggest buying one of our bundle packs to start. The bottle can then be used for life!

  • Can I use ecorefill with a different empty spray bottle?

    ecorefill is designed to perfectly fit Power & Shine kitchen and bathroom spray bottles, whereas other spray neck designs may cause spillages.

  • Can I use Kitchen or Bathroom ecorefill old Cif Antibac / MultiPurpose spray bottles?

    No. ecorefill should only be used with the relevant kitchen or bathroom bottle as it has been specially designed for each bottle. The bottle also includes the relevant ingredient information, instructions and careline details. 

  • How do I know if the Ecorefill will fit my bottle?

    Cif Ecorefill fits beautifully with all Power&Shine Bathroom or Kitchen spray bottles.

  • Do I have to open the refill?

    No. Follow the instructions by attaching the ecorefill directly to the bottle neck and turning it until it clicks.

  • I tried refilling a different bottle but it did not work.

    It's designed to fit Power & Shine spray bottles and shouldn't be used on other containers.

  • Do I need to shake the bottle and, if so, how much?

    Just shake slightly to ensure the ecorefill is fully released into the spray bottle.

  • How much do I need to shake to ensure the formulation is properly mixed with water?

    Just shake slightly to ensure product is fully released into the spray bottle.

  • I added ecorefill before the water, causing foam and some spillage. Will it still work?

    Don't worry, it'll still work. however please ensure to follow the usage instructions and if product is added before water, ensure you add water slowly to avoid excessive foaming. If product spillages are experienced just rinse immediately. 

  • I put in the Ecorefill before the water.

    That's okay, just add the right ammount of water by slowly filling up to the base of the neck of the spray bottle (630 ml). Please do this slowly to avoid excessive foaming. Then replace the spray head and clean as normal.

  • Do I need to use hot water?

    No, the product is designed for use with cold water.

  • Does the bottle need to be completely empty before refilling it?

    Yes, to ensure beautifully clean results.

  • I didn't hear a click when turning the ecorefill. Is this normal?

    You should normally hear the click. Please check if the liquid has been released into the spray bottle. If not please call our careline.

  • I broke the Ecorefill while screwing onto the neck of the bottle.

    Please check if the liquid has been released into the spray bottle. If not, call our careline. Also, if any's been spilt, rinse immediately. 

  • I found turning the ecorefill too hard and couldn't make it click.

    Please try again. If you're still struggling and can't hear a click, please call our careline.

  • My trigger head doesn't work anymore.

    Please call our careline and we will happily replace it free of charge. 

  • My spray bottle broke when attaching the ecorefill.

    Please call the careline and we'll replace it.

  • I put in too much water.

    You may need to spray a little bit more to get a beautiful clean. 

  • Can I use my ecorefill more than once?


  • What do I do with the used ecorefill?

    Once empty, remove the outer wrapper, after which the bottle is fully recyclable and can be disposed of according to your local recycling collection.

  • Can I add two ecorefills in one bottle?

    No, only one ecorefill per spray bottle will give you a beautiful clean. Using more may damage surfaces.

  • Is the ecorefill recyclable?

    Yes, once empty, remove the outer wrapper to make the ecorefill 100% recyclable. 

  • where should I dispose it?

    it can be disposed at normal plastic, according to your local waste collection facilities

  • What material is ecorefill made from?

    It's made from HDPE and PP, which don't need to be separated before disposal.

  • What material is the spray bottle made from?

    Power & Shine spray bottles are made from HDPE.

  • Is the spray bottle recyclable?

    Yes, all Power & Shine spray bottles are fully recyclable. Simply remove the outer wrappers and dispose of them according to your local plastic waste collection.

  • How often do I need to change the spray bottle?

    Thanks to ecorefill you can reuse your spray bottle for life. However if damaged, simply call our careline for a replacement.  

  • ecorefill is a great idea but what about other Cif products?

    By the end of 2019 most Cif cream bottles will be made out of recycled plastic. Also, to make recycling easier, all outer wrappers will have perforations for trouble-free removal.

  • Can ecorefill be made with recycled plastic?

    Yes, after its initial launch, ecorefill will become a 100% recycled plastic bottle.

  • Is ecorefill made from natural ingredients or will it harm the environment?

    Power & Shine Kitchen uses 100% naturally derived cleaning ingredients.  We selectively use some key ingredients that are not naturally derived (e.g. Power & Shine Bathroom). However, we have a team of scientific experts at Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) who play a key role in ensuring that our products are safe and environmentally sustainable.

  • Why does ecorefill need any plastic packaging?

    Ecorefill delivers beautiful cleaning results. It needs to be contained in a rigid packaging, however it uses 75% less plastic than a spray bottle and it's 100% recyclable. Also, thanks to being small, it's easier to transport. Which means having 87% less trucks on the road and saving on greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Will you launch ecorefill in more products?

    Yes, we're looking to have ecorefill accross all our main sprays by 2020. But we're not stopping there and want to offer other concentrated products across our entire range.

  • Will you stop selling the spray bottle?

    We want to encourage people to reuse their spray bottle over and over again. 

  • Why has it taken so long to produce this?

    Finding the sweet spot for a refill option that is also highly efficacious is no easy task. However, we're delighted that ecorefill offers consumers both. It's easy to use, mess free and produces beautiful cleaning results. 

  • Why do I need to remove the outer wrapper to recycle?

    Unfortunately, the outer wrapper can't currently be recycled in the UK.

  • Is the ecorefill so small it'll fall through the recycling machines?

    The ecorefill is just big enough to be handled by recycling facilities.

  • You might be reducing your plastic footprint but it is still full of harsh chemicals. Why can’t you make a formulation that is kinder to the environment?

    Product safety is our priority. Our products are formulated to be safe to people and to the environement, and their safety is assured by a world-leading group of safety scientists at Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC). 

  • How much water does ecorefill save?

    The product still requires the same amount of water, but by diluting it home it means we're transporting 97% less water and therefore 87% less trucks are needed. This also reduces greenhouse gases emissions too.  

  • Why do you think this is a better sustainability solution than refill pouches or dissolvable sachets like?

    Although refill pouches save a high percentage of plastic, they're not recyclable. What's more, as they are bulky and heavy, they don't reduce road transportation and grenhouse gas emissions.

  • What happens if my kids accidentally open it?

    Although ecorefill has a child-proof top, we recommend you keep it out of children's reach. In the unlikely event of a child opening the ecorefill, check if they've been exposed to the liquid. If so, rinse the affected area with water. Should there be any skin irritation or, if the contents have been swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. In case of ingestion do not induce vomiting.

  • I spilt some on my countertop, and now its damaged.

    Used correctly, ecorefill isn't damaging. However, if any concentrated liquid falls onto a surface, you should rinse immediately.

  • While refilling the bottle, I spilled some of the product over my hands. Should I be concerned?

    This shouldn't happen if ecorefill is used correctly. But, if it does, rinse your hands with water. In the unlikely event that you experience continued discomfort, contact your doctor.  

  • I spilled some product and inhaled it, is it going to be harmful?

    ecorefill isn't harmful when used in the right way and, once diluted, is designed to be used as a spray. Should the concentrated liquid be spilled, there's negligible risk from accidental inhalation. 

  • What should I do if I get some ecorefill in my eyes?

    If ecorefill accidentally gets into your eyes you should rinse carefully with water for several minutes. Remove any contact lenses, if any, and continue to rinse. 

  • Does ecorefill have a higher risk of skin irritation/allergic reactions?

    No. When used correctly, ecorefill has no higher risk of skin irritation/allergy than the Power & Shine Kitchen and Bathroom sprays. However,if the concentrated formula gets in contact to skin then rinse with water.

  • I put too much water in the spray bottle and when I addad the ecorefill some product came out of bottle. Is that dangerous?

    This shouldn't happen when used correctly and filling with water up to the mark on the spray bottle. However, if it does, rinse your hands with water. As always, should you experience prolonged discomfort, contact you doctor.

  • Can I buy the ecorefill online?

    Yes, to order ecorefill online and find out more visit: