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Reveal The Beauty of Your Home With Cif

Cif products clean to reveal the beauty of homes and places, without damage. Discover the full range here.

Restore beauty to your home with Cif

Restore the beauty to your home with Cif Sprays, Cif Cream, and Cif Floor Cleaner. Whether you tackle mould stains with the specialist formula of Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Remover, use Cif Cream on multiple surfaces, or try Cif Floor Cleaner for a shiny clean and fresh fragrance with its Cif cleaning liquid. You’ll jump for joy at how beautifully clean your home looks with Cif cleaning products!

Keep your tiles shiny clean with Cif cleaner. Try Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Remover, which uses a specialist formula boosted with the power of bleach, to remove mould stains from tiles, toilets, tubs, grout, and showers. You wont believe your eyes after you've used this efficient mould stains remover! 

Reveal the beauty of many surfaces in your home. Cif Cream, with 100% natural cleaning particles, removes 100% of tough dirt and leaves surfaces shiny clean. Available in White, Lemon or Pink – you'll be amazed and surprised at the beauty Cif Cream cleaners and Cif Power Cream can restore to your home.