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This image depicts a smiling young woman playing with her reflection in the shiny cabinets of her kitchen, it appears that she's suspended in mid-air.

Tidy House, Tidy Mind: How Cleaning Your Surroundings Can Make You Happier

Cif believes that beautiful homes and beautiful places make us all happier. Here’s a guide on how you can make your home clean and enjoyable, and improve your headspace at the same time.

Tidy house, tidy mind. It’s a phrase we all know well, but what’s the deeper meaning behind it? Research shows that having a neat, well-organised, and sparkling clean home plays an important role in mental health and general wellbeing.

Clean house, clean mind

How can cleaning your home make you feel more positive? There is a powerful psychology behind cleanliness, which suggests clutter and mess has a direct impact on your mood.

An untidy home can subconsciously affect our wellbeing and make us sad. Let cleaning bring a smile to your face. Cleaning your house alleviates the stress associated with an untidy home, plus the physical act of cleaning works up a sweat and releases feel good endorphins!

Restore your home and yourself to their beautiful best with these easy steps:

Step 1 – Tidy up

First things first: have a clear out. Declutter by recycling, selling, or donating unneeded items, and then organise everything using smart storage solutions. Here’s how:

  • If you’re daunted by the task ahead, start small, for example with your desk. Tidy desk, tidy mind: clearing surfaces and arranging drawers will boost your productivity, as you will be focused on the task at hand rather than distracted by clutter

  • Go through your wardrobe, kitchen drawers, and filing cabinets, removing any clothes, items or papers you no longer need. Organise files with labels or sort your wardrobe by colour or season

  • Look into storage solutions such as kitchen baskets and floating shelves that could clear floor space. This not only keeps your home tidy, but also makes cleaning much easier

Free yourself from clutter and feel calm, collected and more motivated to pull on those rubber gloves for the next stage!

Step 2 – Deep clean

Once you’ve tidied, it’s time to dust, scrub and polish until your home is beautiful again! This is a great opportunity to get into all those little nooks and crannies and make them shine. You could also tackle the microwave, oven, washing machine, and other appliances that may need attention.

Chose the right product for the right room:

  • For every room in your home: Use Cif Cream, a multipurpose cleaner that reveals the beauty of many surfaces in your home. Made with 100% natural cleaning particles, Cif Cream removes 100% of tough dirt, leaving surfaces shiny and clean

  • For the kitchen:

    • Remove grease

      : Cif Power & Shine Kitchen with Orange & Tangerine Oils removes 100% of tough grease for a 100% streak-free shine

    • Clean Oven: use Cif Perfect Finish Oven & Grill Spray, its powerful formula with degreasing agents will cut through even the most difficult grease stains from the oven.

  • For the bathroom:

    • Deal with watermarks: Remove watermarks, limescale, and tough soap scum with Cif Power & Shine Bathroom. With water and dirt repellent technology, it leaves nothing behind but a beautiful surface

    • Tackle mould stains: Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Remover with bleach eliminates mould stains from baths, showers, toilets, tiles and grout – leaving your surfaces beautifully clean

  • For the floors: Get your floors sparkling with Cif Floor Cleaners, which easily cut through footprints, light grease, and other daily dirt. Choose from a range of fragrances and watch your floors regain their brilliant shine

Goodbye, dirt – hello, beautiful!

Remember: before using any product, carefully read the instructions and warnings on the label. Always test any product in a small, inconspicuous area first.