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This image depicts a pair of bright white canvas trainers lying on the floor

How to Clean White Shoes to Restore Their Beauty

Cif can reveal the beauty all around your home – and also clean your belongings too. Dirty shoes? Cif can help make them beautiful again! Read on to find out how.

We’ve all been there. You’re out for a walk wearing your pristine white leather trainers, and out of nowhere the heavens open, leaving you and your shoes at the mercy of torrential rain and slippery mud. Not to worry! Here’s a guide to cleaning white shoes.

How to clean muddy shoes

White leather trainers complement most outfits and can be worn for almost any occasion. It’s always useful to know how to clean muddy shoes, and how to clean white shoes in particular – especially when the weather can be so unpredictable!

Luckily, muddy leather trainers can be restored to spotless clean white shoes with ease. Follow these tips to help keep your leather trainers looking brighter for longer.

How to get stains out of white shoes

Some people put shoes in the washing machine, unaware that high temperatures can cause shrinking and result in misshapen footwear. Here’s how to clean shoes and how to get stains out of white shoes safely and more easily than ever:

  • Absorb any wet stains on your white leather trainers with a clean cloth or paper towel

  • Apply Cif Cream to the stain using a clean damp sponge. The cleaning power of Cif works on all parts of your shoes, including their leather tops, rubber sole, and plastic aglets. Its formulation with 100% natural cleaning particles removes 100% of tough dirt while still being gentle to surfaces

  • Wipe gently with circular movements across the shoe

  • Use a damp cloth to remove the product when done and allow to dry completely before putting your clean shoes away

  • Don’t forget to wash your laces – when doing so, put the laces inside of a sock and wash as normal to stop them becoming tangled within your washing machine

Our top tip for how to clean muddy shoes? Try dealing with the stain as soon as possible to help prevent permanent damage and staining.

There’s nothing beautiful that isn’t clean, so get your shoes sparkling with Cif. Goodbye, ugly dirt – hello, beautiful shoes!

Remember: before using any cleaning product, carefully read the instructions and warnings on the label. Always test any product in a small, inconspicuous area first.