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25 ways to clean with cream

25 + ways to clean with cream

Use Cif Cream to prepare your outdoor space for the return of family & friends. Keep everything safely hygienic and clean.
  1. Hobs and hotplates - Easily remove splashes, grease stains and even burnt-on food from gas and electric cookers.

  2. Shoes/Trainers - Been out in the mud? Some Cif Cream on a cotton cloth will have your trainers and wellies looking boxfresh again in no time.

  3. Car tyres – The rims of your car tyres lacking a tad dull? Give them the Cif Cream treatment and they’ll get their shine right back.

  4. BBQ - When the weather’s good, you don’t want to spend ages cleaning the barbecue before using it. So just soak a small brush in Cif Cream, scrub off the grease stains and food bits, then rinse. Once the barbecue’s dry, you can put it away ready for next time.

  5. Door - Even your front door can pick up a surprising amount of grime. Restore its beauty with some Cif Cream on a cloth

  6. Door handles - Metal and synthetic door handles go back to looking like new with a little Cif Cream on a damp cloth. Fingerprints and sticky bits? Not anymore.

  7. Garden furniture - If your patio set is PVC, you can clean it easily with some Cif Cream on a sponge. Then let the rain rinse it for you – or use the garden hose.

  8. Sports equipment - Cif Cream can clean anything from tennis racquets to golf balls. Just rub and rinse.

  9. Dishwasher/washing machine – Sure, they get your plates and clothes clean, but how often do they themselves get a clean? Give the outside of your dishwasher and washing machine a wipe down with some Cif Cream on a damp cloth.

  10. Washing Machine Drawer – Prevent that build-up of laundry powder and any residue of laundry liquid in your washing machine drawer with a wipe of Cif Cream followed by a quick rinse.

  11. Base boards – These can easily slip our minds when cleaning but need just as much attention as everything else. A few wipes with a damp cloth and some Cif Cream will do the trick here.

  12. Windows & PVC – Dirt loves these surfaces. To make it disappear, use a cloth or sponge coupled with some water and Cif Cream, wipe, and voila.

  13. Wall Marks – Parts of your wall not looking as spotless as they used to? It’s nothing a little Cif Cream partnered with a damp cloth and some wiping can’t remedy.

  14. Table mats - Water marks, spills and dried-on food are easily wiped away with some Cif Cream and a sponge.

  15. Radiators - Keep your heaters neat by cleaning with Cif Cream every so often. It’ll get off scuff marks, mystery stains and light rust.

  16. Sinks and washbasins - Limescale, soap scum and toothpaste can build up on and in your sink – especially in family bathrooms. Get them gleaming by filling with hot water, adding some Cif Cream, then wiping and rinsing an hour later.

  17. Stained Mugs - Over time, the tannins in tea can turn the inside of your teapot brown. Cif Cream on a damp sponge is all you need to get it looking new again. 

  18. Shower door – Water marks and limescale are your shower door’s two worst enemies, but you can make them disappear with just a bit of Cif Cream on a damp cloth and a bit of wiping.

  19. Vases - Over time, a cloudy layer of scale builds up on flower vases. To get rid of it, fill with water, add some Cif Cream and leave for an hour or two.

  20. Limescale - From the coffee machine to the tap joints, limescale pops up all over the house. Banish it with a few drops of Cif Cream on a sponge, followed by several good rinses.

  21. Garden Pots – Keep your garden pots looking their charming selves with some Cif Cream, a damp cloth and a little bit of wiping.

  22. Cupboard doors – For those unsightly smears or marks on your cupboard doors, grab a damp cloth with some Cif Cream on, and wipe away.

  23. Microwave – The outside of your microwave attracts plenty of smudging, but it’s nothing some Cif Cream, a damp cloth and a few wipes won’t take care of.

  24. Children’s Toys – Children’s toys tend to get covered in muck fairly often and fairly quickly, but with some Cif Cream, a damp cloth and a few wipes, they’ll be back to spotless before you know it.   

  25. Car Paint – Cif cream isn’t abrasive, so when used lightly, it’ll give your car a wonderfully smooth shine.