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Cif Outdoor BBQ spray 450 ML

Cif Outdoor BBQ Spray 450 ML

Cif Outdoor BBQ Spray is perfect for restoring the sparkle to your outdoor equipment.

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450 ML

About this product

Restore the sparkle of your BBQ & grill with new Cif Outdoor BBQ Spray. This specialist BBQ & grill cleaner has been scientifically formulated to attack burnt-on grease, removing 100% of tough grease for a fantastic finish. Its powerful formula with degreasing agents will cut through even the most difficult food and grease stains on your barbecue, restoring it to its beautiful best.

For hints and tips about how Cif can restore the beauty to your barbecue, visit Cleanipedia.

How to use Cif Outdoor BBQ Spray: • To clean your barbecue, apply the Cif spray directly to cold surfaces until completely covered. • Leave to work for up to 15 minutes for lightly soiled areas, 30 minutes for medium-soiled areas, and 30-60 minutes for heavily soiled areas • Rinse the surface thoroughly afterwards. • Keep Cif BBQ Spray in a cool place and store upright.

Key benefits

• New Cif Outdoor BBQ Spray • 100% tough grease removal • Thorough on stubborn, burnt-on food • Effective formula with degreasing agents • Leaves your barbecue sparkling and ready to use