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Cif Kitchen Wipes

Cif Kitchen Wipes

Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Wipes are the quick, effective way to restore the shine to your kitchen, and bring a smile to your face. The biodegradable cleaning wipes are specially formulated with naturally derived cleaning agents, which cut through the grease and dirt in your kitchen, revealing the beauty of the surfaces around your kitchen.

These biodegradable cleaning wipes are a convenient way to clean away all kinds of dirt, leaving a beautiful shine and gorgeous fragrance behind. You’ll enjoy how shiny and clean your kitchen is thanks to Cif. A proper cleaning is needed every few days - sometimes daily - especially in busy kitchens. That’s why Cif kitchen wipes are your ultimate solution.

For more detailed tips and advice on cleaning your kitchen, visit Cleanipedia.

How to use these biodegradable cleaning wipes:

  • Break the seal and open by peeling the sticker off halfway.

  • Wipe kitchen surfaces to remove dirt. No need to rinse or wipe away.

  • Make sure the pack is resealed after use to avoid the wipes drying out.

  • Do not flush down the toilet. Do not use for any purpose other than that for which the product is intended. Do not use on marble or painted wood. However, you can use this product as Cif floor wipes.

  • For delicate surfaces, first try using in an inconspicuous area. Do not use for personal hygiene.

If you’re looking for some reliable wipes for the bathroom, then look no further than the Cif bathroom wipes, which quickly and effectively remove limescale and soap scum. Meanwhile, our antibacterial wipes clean and disinfect at the same time, killing 99.9% of bacteria & viruses*, and are made with 100% Biodegradable Plant Fibres. Our products bring a smile to your face as it reveals the beauty in your home.


  • Starts to remove grease from the first wipe, restoring the beauty of your kitchen
  • Quickly and easily removes visible and invisible dirt
  • Biodegradable cleaning wipes
  • Formulated with naturally derived cleaning agents to cut through grease and dirt
  • Strong honeycomb weave softens, detaches, and lifts dirt quickly from a range of surfaces around your home
  • Suitable for kitchen worktops, kitchen units, kitchen hobs, cooker hoods, fridges, bins, kitchen sinks, and dining tables

*Eliminates bacteria and yeasts like Salmonella, E.coli, Aeruginosa, S. Aureus, C. Albicans and enveloped viruses like Modified Vaccinia Ankara and Flu Viruses (H1N1). Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

  • 60s
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