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Cif Bathroom Floor Expert Cleaner 750 ML
PNG - Cif Bathroom Floor Cleaner 750ml

Cif Floor Expert Bathroom Cleaner 750 ML

Cif Floor Expert Bathroom Cleaner cuts through tough limescale, water marks and soap scum on a range of bathroom floors, leaving behind a beautiful shine with no residue.

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750 ML

About this product

Experience the beauty of the new Cif Floor Expert Bathroom Cleaner. It cuts through stubborn and everyday dirt on bathroom floors, leaving them beautifully shiny with a lasting fresh fragrance. Cif Floor Expert Bathroom Cleaner is specially designed with an unbeatable formula to hygienically clean your bathroom floor and remove limescale, water marks and soap scum.

Cif Floor Expert Bathroom Cleaner also leaves no residue, so you can enjoy the restored beauty of your bathroom floors even sooner! It’s never been easier to make your bathroom floor beautifully clean, shiny and fantastically fragrant.

For hints and tips to achieve a sparkling bathroom floor, visit Cleanipedia.

How to use Cif Floor Expert Bathroom Cleaner: • Diluted Usage: Pour 3 caps of Cif Floor Expert Bathroom in half a bucket of water (5 litres). For shinier results, wipe with a dry cloth. No need to rinse. • Neat Usage: Pour on a wet sponge or directly on the surface, clean and wipe with a damp cloth. For shinier results, wipe with a dry cloth. • On marble, painted surfaces, painted wood, plastics, and linoleum: use diluted product and rinse immediately after use to avoid damage. • Do not use on untreated surfaces. For natural stones or new unusual surfaces, test first on a small inconspicuous area. Do not mix with other cleaning products.

Key benefits

• Expert cleaning for a range of bathroom floors • Provides beautiful, clean results without damaging any surfaces • Fresh and clean scent • Unbeatable limescale, soap scum, and water marks removal • Residue-free to leave a brilliant shine • Ideal for linoleum, vinyl, and ceramic tiles