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Cif Power & Shine Spray with Bleach Multipurpose 700 ML

Cif Bleach Spray

Cif Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Spray with Bleach leaves your surfaces hygienically clean and sparkling. Try this Cif spray for a deep clean.

Available in

700 ML

About this product

Cif Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Bleach Spray is the go-to option for daily deep cleaning all around your home. This Cif spray is reinforced with the power of bleach; you can use this multi-purpose spray for 100% removal of stubborn dirt’ and disinfection. The result is perfect cleanliness and dazzling shine on surfaces all around your home.

Our bleach cleaner spray formula is targeted at visible as well as invisible dirt, removing stubborn stains to leave them purified and sparkling. Suitable for daily use on a range of surfaces, Cif spray can help you to maintain your surfaces at their beautiful best.

For hints and tips about where Cif can reveal the beauty in your home, visit Cleanipedia.

How to use Cif Power and Shine Multi-Purpose Bleach Spray: • Spray onto the surface and leave for 5 minutes before wiping with a cloth. • For tough dirt, leave the Cif spray a few extra minutes before wiping.

Key benefits

•Strenghtened with the power of bleach • Cleans for a 100% hygienic result • Leaves beautifully sparkling & clean surfaces • Removes stubborn stains and dirt without damage • Daily deep cleaning action • Suitable for use all around your home