About us


We’re bringing beauty back…

A beautifully clean home that makes you proud is our mission. All our products are formulated with this in mind, so when you choose Cif, you know there’s always a beautiful ending.

Because cleaning isn’t just about how you do it, but why. It’s that feeling you get when you finish, step back and see your home at its beautiful best. It’s your family home, and you’re proud of it.

We know you want your home to look its best; so we develop products that solve the problems you face, while caring for surfaces at the same time. Like the UK’s bestselling multi-purpose cream cleaner, Cif Cream. Or our new Power & Shine range - a powerful clean that’s unbeatably streak-free, first time, every time. 

Your home is a reflection of you, and Cif will help you achieve the beautiful ending you want: whatever the surface, whatever the room, whether it’s a quick spruce-up, or a full deep clean.

… And we’re bringing it to everyone

We believe that everyone should feel proud about the environment they live in. 

This begins at home.

We want everyone to feel proud of their home at its beautiful best. We want this pride to spill over into all aspects of life—because when you’re proud of your environment, you feel good. 

So why stop there?

Beauty is all around us. It’s in our streets, our architecture—it’s in everything we make. All of these things tell a story, and by cleaning and caring for them – removing the ugly dirt that mars their beauty and restoring them to their original condition, we bring these stories back to life, restoring their beauty for everyone to enjoy. 

In 2014 we launched our Bring Back The Beauty campaign, featuring Brazil’s most iconic monument - Christ the Redeemer. We brought people together to celebrate the restoration of a treasured object, removing dirt and grime to care for the surface and let its beauty shine – just like Cif has always done. 

It’s about making any item not just clean but beautifully clean, restoring pride in it and making every home, a more beautiful place.

How we started our beautiful mission

In the 1960s, household surfaces were under attack from harsh scouring powders. So we went to work formulating a gentle yet effective cleaner that wouldn’t damage surfaces. And in 1974, we did it. Our revolutionary non-scratch cream cleaner transformed homes from ‘clean enough’ to ‘beautifully clean’.

Since then, we’ve had a name change—from Jif to Cif in 2001—and we’ve created a whole range of products for our customers. From limescale removers to quick-dry floor cleaners, our innovative formulations keep every room of your home sparkling clean.

There’s always a beautiful ending, when you start with Cif.