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This image is of a tunnel with a trolley for the hello beuatiful community projects

Hello Beautiful Neighbourhood Project


Most of us agree that it’s nice when things look beautiful. But how many of us believe that the beauty of where we live really matters and really has a profound effect on our happiness and that of the whole community? Cif is proving that a focus on beauty can create real positive change: on our surroundings, on our community, and on our happiness.  

Cif is showing  its commitment to its social mission through a programme of activations in the UK; its mission is “To restore the beauty of home and cities to improve people’s happiness”

Hello Beautiful Vale Park 

Cif has partnered with Semble, the UK's most active platform for helping community groups get the support they deserve, for its first ever community activation in the UK. This community led activation, will see Cif teaming up with the people of Vale Park to clean the old Vale Park Cattle Tunnel in Portslade, Hove, near Brighton. This will show the positive impact on people’s happiness that restoring the beauty of our communities has.  

The Vale Park Cattle Tunnel is an essential link that connects the local community to the recreational space on the other side. A link that isn’t being used to its full potential due to it being ugly, dirty and unwelcoming.  

By restoring the tunnel to it’s beautiful best, we aim to show that beauty goes beyond simply clearing a path and ultimately leads to a heightened sense of happiness and joy for the people and community that use the tunnel.  

Hello Beautiful Clarksfield

Cif’s second community clean-up project was led by Clarksfield Community group based in Oldham, Manchester. This passionate group are determined to restore the beauty and safety of their neighbourhood especially for the children of the area. The group are working to transform an alleyway into a safe alternative space for children to play as they currently play on the unsafe, busy roads.

The first phase involved tarmacking an overgrown alleyway to allow for an interactive, clean space to be used by all ages. By restoring the beauty to the surrounding neighbourhood through litter picking and a general clean-up, we aim to enable the community to come together to enjoy the area surrounding the homes they live in.

Hello Beautiful Claremont

The Claremont Project is a much-loved community and wellbeing centre located in a 100-year-old building in the centre of Islington’s community - but it is in need of a major cleaning makeover.

After having raised enough money to refurbish the main floor and build a lift for its members, the Claremont Project would also like to spruce up the rest of the building. With 400 members attending their activities on a weekly basis, they want to make this space look clean, safe and beautiful for the public.

This community centre fits perfectly into Cif’s mission of bringing the beauty back to neighbourhoods and cities to improve wellbeing. We aim to increase the happiness in this centre with the help of Unilever and Cif employees who will clean and paint this beloved centre back to its former glory.