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Spring Into The Season

Here’s our handy guide on how best to spring clean this year, from windows and BBQs to outdoor furniture and shoes. Cif cleaners at the ready!

How to clean uPVC windows, frames and doors

It’s common for dirt to build up over time on your windows, frames and doors – especially when they’re of the Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride kind (uPVC). So, cleaning uPVC should be a big part of your spring clean agenda. The best way to spring clean these particular bits of your home is with Cif’s best uPVC cleaner, of course: Enter Cif Cream. If you use a cloth or sponge (for the more stubborn marks a soft-bristled brush will work a treat) coupled with some water and Cif Cream, that dirt will disappear with just a few wipes and reveal the beautiful clean surface beneath.


Cleaning your BBQ

With the sun showing more of itself, and groups of six now allowed in your garden, don’t forget to add your BBQ to the spring house cleaning agenda. Whether it’s Cif Spring Bloom Cream, Cif Perfect Finish Oven & Grill or Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray, you can get your grill ready for action in the best of ways.

BBQ before and after using Cif Cream

Cleaning plastic and metal garden furniture

This is the time of year that people up and down the country are looking to spring clean homes, and for good reason – those wintry single-digit temperatures are finally behind us. As we ditch our thick coats and plan to spend more time outdoors again, be sure to give your outdoor furniture plenty of springtime cleaning attention. Cif Cream is perfect for removing dirt without damage from your hard-surface, garden furniture – both plastic and metal. Just apply some to a damp cloth, then simply wipe over and gently rinse away. Voila.

BBQ before and after using Cif Cream


Springtime cleaning isn’t just for your home and your furniture. Let’s not forget about your shoes. After a long, hard winter they could use a bit of freshening up. That’s where our Cif Cream comes in once again – with a little applied to a damp cloth, you can wipe some new life into your shoes. Bring on the good-weather walks.


So, with our tips and a bit of Cif Cream, you’re now well-equipped for your spring clean. There’s nothing to it!

Buy Cif Spring Bloom Cream to bring that wonderful springtime fragrance to your home and leave your surfaces sparkling clean.